Photography and the Outdoors




South Australia a Photographers oasis

I am fortunate enough to live in South Australia where we have an abundance of natural wonders within a days drive of Adelaide. As a landscape photography tragic and someone who loves to get out and hit the road it it is perfect. The freedom of setting up a swag at my chosen location whether it be on the rugged west coast of Elliston or the majestic Flinders Ranges is something that is an experience that everyone should experience. 


Learning as I go

For me,I am learning as I go, every time I pack my gear and head out on a trip I learn something new either about the location or the technical aspect of photography. I try to keep my equipment list simple for both camera and camping equipment. I have learnt that being wet and cold whilst waiting for that moment to capture a location can actually be rewarding as well as uncomfortable, note always pack dry socks and a coat!


My enjoyment of taking these images and sharing them people brings me a great sense of enjoyment and the feedback from people is humbling and greatly appreciated.











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